Food Marketing

Food is a basic human necessity for which the responsibilities go a lot further than products like mobile phones and holidays. Our food is closely connected to our evolution and will have a strong influence on our future. As a result of the growing realization of this responsibility society but also individual consumers are setting different and more demanding standards for producers and distributors of food products. Examples of this are more tangible demands with regards to sustainable production, transparency and healthy food. But also more softer demands like fair trade and regional food.

Because of this food marketing requires insight and input in adjacent and essential areas like: health and nutrition, taste, shelf-life, recipes, food design, lifestyle en eating habits.

Our common goal is simple and we don’t need a lot of words for it. We help agri-food companies to position themselves more clearly and efficiently in the market. This includes:

1. Context:

What’s happening around us, what are the current developments, where are the chances and opportunities?

2. Product relevance:

Does the product meet a need, does it solve a problem, does it set itself apart, is it new, is it surprising?

3. Visibility:

Are we visible in traditional media, new media and social media?

4. Availability:

Are we for sale? Are we available and visible on shelf?