Edwin Palsma was born in 1969 in Assen. He graduated from Groningen University with a master’s degree in Business Administration and also studied in the US. He went on to work for Unilever, Numico and Philips but also became an entrepreneur. His responsibilities included marketing (brand management), business development and general management.

He has experience in food and non-food products and has worked for A-brands including Lipton, Robijn and Nutricia. In addition to the experience he has gained in The Netherlands, he has lived in Singapore for seven years and has worked in total for more than two years (in 1997 and 2005) in Shanghai (China).

The main thread running through his career has been a search for, and in particular the creation of, chances and opportunities, driven by a passion for gaining an even better understanding of consumers and customers, and for fulfilling their needs.

He has been active as managing partner of The Food Agency since 2011.

Contact details:
Edwin Palsma
Tel: +31 6-50909296