The Food Agency connects knowledge about nutrition, technology, marketing and sales to improve the market position of agr0 food companies.

The world has become too complex and is changing too fast to capture with grande visions. Understanding the context and quickly adapting to changing realities has become essential. That’s why The Food Agency has developed 2 new services:

In the FoodLab innovative ideas are made visibility and concrete and can be tasted. Thereby bringing the future forward.
Innovation projects often take a long time. To get all stakeholders excited it is important to make an innovation concrete as soon as possible. By working together with technologists, designers and nutritional experts we are able to realize this in kitchen trials and pilot plants.

In the BrandLab we bring an innovation or new positioning quickly to life. To inspire others and get them on board.
A brandname, a claim, a new packaging or an advertisement. That’s what inspires people. But often takes a lot of time and money. That’s why we have developed the BrandLab. In our BrandLab creatives and strategists are joining forces to develop the above within a short period of time and within tight budgets. This in close cooperation with the customer.

Besides the above new services we can also help you with all other food marketing related activities such as:
•   A new strategy
•   Innovation and renovation of your product portfolio
•   The positionering and branding of your products
•   A new brand name, packaging or website
•   Developing and executing a communication plan
•   The sales and distribution of your products
•   Inbound- and content marketing